Jonas Alrichs Tall Clock

This fine Wilmington, Delaware clock had lost its scrolls and feet, an all too common fate with these cases that are so tall. The crude scrolls that were on the hood were obviously a later addition. I was able to locate the mate to this case at the Yale University Museum, and they were kind enough to send me digital images of the top of their clock case. I used the photos to recreate the correct scrolls and rosettes. It was a miracle that the finials had survived and required only minor repairs.

After careful removal of the remains of the degraded finish I detected the shadow of the blind fretwork that had originally been installed in the frieze above the waist door, as well as that of the molding that had been applied to the base panel. I recreated both of these elements.

The dial was also in poor condition. We try to save as much of the original surface as possible and, after cleaning, fill in the missing areas.