Jacob Herwick Tall Clock


We can attribute this tall clock to Jacob Herwick, one of Carlisle’s finest clockmakers, by the use of the unusual ‘J-hook’ striking mechanism, as well as by the architecture of the case. There are two tall clocks in the Cumberland County Historical Society museum collection that have virtually identical cases. I was hoping to find a signature of the maker somewhere on this case since we have not been able to identify the cabinetmaker of these tall clock cases. It is suspected that he may have been a member of the Guthrie family.

This clock has been in the possession of a Mechanicsburg PA family for many years and had suffered some rather severe alterations. The feet had been lost (replaced by casters!), the scrolls had been sawed off at one time and crudely reattached and the rosettes and finials were gone. A dark finish had been applied to hide a host of other damage. I copied original Herwick clock flame finials and rosettes. A rubbed shellac finish brought back the natural beauty of the walnut.