Jacob Hendel Tall Clock


This unique clock by Jacob Hendel is now back in Carlisle, the town where it was made, having been acquired by the Cumberland County Historical Society. The case is signed by the maker, Jacob Wain, of Harrisburg.

Jacob Hendel was probably Carlisle’s most prolific clockmaker. He was the eldest of three brothers. His younger brother, Bernard, followed him in the business and they produced clocks together for a while. Jacob’s other brother, George, was a very accomplished silversmith. See my essay for other information about Carlisle clockmakers.

The case needed some touch up to the finish and while it was in my shop I took some detailed photos of the remarkable movement. The clock shows the seconds, the phases of the moon, the day of the month and the day of the week. In addition it also shows the time of sunrise and sunset at the top of the dial by an ingenious mechanism that moves a curtain up and down making one cycle per year.