Daniel Drawbaugh Clock


Inventor Daniel Drawbaugh is best known for his inventions related to the telephone, but he held many patents in other areas. One of these was for translating magnetic currents in the ground into a timekeeping device. He built several of these clocks to secure a patent and encourage investment in his invention. This particular clock was his fourth prototype and is notable as the first of the series to have a compensating pendulum.

This clock was first exhibited in 1878 in Harrisburg for "10 cents a peek". The Electric Clock Company was not a success, due to variations in ground current leading to inaccurate timekeeping.

Several pieces of the top fretwork were lost, the top door escutcheon was missing and there were various other minor repairs neeeded.

It was donated to the Cumberland County Historical Society in 2014 by the Daniel and Margaret Drawbaugh Family.